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Giuseppe Fiore  

Italian, born 1985, Naples, Italy I
Based in Munich, Germany
Painting teacher
Since 2014 at the “Münchner Volkshochschule”
Freelance artist
Since 2012
Assistant restorer
2006-2007 Tatafiore s.a.s. , Naples
2007 Resart, Naples
2018 Workshop by the artist Eloy Morales
2008 Fine Art’s Academy of Naples, Naples
Bachelor degree in “Restoration and conservation of modern and contemporary works of art”.
Grade: 110 and laud /110.
2007 Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich
Certificate ERASMUS project
2004 Art school “Andrea Sabatini”, Salerno
High school diploma with specialization in Architecture and Furnishings.
Grade: 100/100.

N.A. 93
N.A. 72 2014 _Pink paper_ 100x100 cm
N.A. 89
N.A. 95
N.A. 96. _break_ Marzo 2018 100x100 cm
N.A. 108


2018 “Verhüllte Blicke” City Kino, Munich
2014 “Gewöhnliche Mikroabstraktionen” City Kino, Munich


2018 “Body cult” Benjamin Eck art gallery, Munich
2017 “BBK Mitglieder stellen aus” Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2017 Rarity Gallery, Mykonos
2017 “Half a pound of art” Stoerpunkt art gallery, Munich
2016 “BBK Mitglieder stellen aus” Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2016 “Art-Innsbruck” (International fair for contemporary art) featuring “Austria Art”, Innsbruck
2015 “BBK Mitglieder stellen aus” Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2014 “BBK Mitglieder stellen aus” Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2013 “Konsumieren wider aller Vernunft” Galerie Stephan Stumpf, Munich (finalist of the theme competition 2013)
2011″30×30″ Kunstbehandlung art gallery, Munich
2011″3 Muehlen Atelier” group exhibition, Munich
2010 “Art in mind” group exhibition The Brick Lane gallery, London
2010 “Jahresausstellung” Atelier 7, Munich
2010 “Open ateliers” Atelier 7, Munich
2010 “30×30″ Kunstbehandlung art gallery, Munich
2010 “Kunst und Schmerz los” Fiorito&Fluturel gallery, Munich
2009 “30×30″ Kunstbehandlung art gallery, Munich
2008 “30×30″ Kunstbehandlung art gallery, Munich


Fiore creates photorealistic oil paintings of crinkled materials, such as aluminium, paper or plastic bags. He approaches movement in portraiture while combining those themes in his work as well.

The cold and warm, the bright and dark, living beings and lifeless materials are often fused in his works. Reflections of softness and transparency are the main theme in his visual poetry.
„…A third dimension in which the image takes possession of space and the surface explodes in empty and full, free geometries and articulated dimensions. Giuseppe Fiores work is the perfect result of a research that combines the balance between the power of the image and the power of the rigorous concept. Fragments of stories that become the story of a story that flows and changes in the same room. The image penetrates the surface, leaves it and pulls the viewer’s gaze behind him…“


Dr. Roberto Sottile


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